Saturday, April 9, 2011

Max's road trip :)

I am looking forward to go to the Midwest. I don't know much about the Midwest but I'll learn something. I think the Midwest will be fun   ( or not). I want to see the sight of Fort Dear born and learn something about it. I saw the sight of Fort Dear born. A long time a go 500 native americans destroyed Fort Dear born and the ones who built Fort Dear born had a hard time rebuilding it because the native americans kept harming them. Fort Dear born was rebuilt in 1832 (part of it was demolished to make the Chicago river wider). In 1871 Fort Dear born was completely destroyed Fort Dear born by   the Chicago fire. Now today the Chicago river is now Chicago Illinois. I leaned a lot about Fort Dear born this road trip.  

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  1. What kind of landmarks have you heard about in this area? If you like to hike, Starved Rock State Park is pretty cool. Check it out!

    Mrs. B